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              六月份推廣計劃 2010/05/31
              If you can't read this email please click the following link(there is no virus in the email and link):
              Dear Sir or Madam,

              Hopefully, all goes better and better with you.
              We are proud of taking this opportunity to introduce our company and our VA technology.
              Our greatest advantage over our competitors is our service.
              For over a decade, we've produced and exported LCD modules to USA, Australia, Japan, Europe and etc. Our OEM/ODM manufacturing services are efficiently carried out.
              We guarantee on-time delivery of your orders, large or small and provide responsive service to meet all of your requirements. Our LCM customer service team is waiting for your advice.
              Contact us today to speak with our talented staff.
              LCD module series
              1, Character LCD modules
              2, Graphic LCD modules
              3, Color STN LCDs
              4, Available for customized designs in COG, COB, TAB and COF
              Attached are the contrast of LCD module with VA technology and common LCD modules.

              VA technology's products common TN
              1,contrast: 600:1 30:1
              2,response speed: 30ms 150-250ms
              3,viewing angle: it could reach around 130 degrees 90 degrees
              Any of your comments will be highly appreciated!
              common TN
              90 degrees

              Thanks & best regards

              XHP LCM service team


              Company Name:
              Contact Person:
              B2B website:

                XHP Electronics Co., Ltd.
              No.5 Building of Zhonghangji, No.1-1 Huli Main road, Xiamen, Fujian, China
              Andy Wu
              +86-592-6038910 ext.813
              www.evigon.com / www.lcdmodule.net
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