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              四月份推廣計劃 2010/05/26

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              May, 2010

              Dear XHP News Readers:

              Greetings from XHP Sales & Marketing Dept!

              Thanks again for your support to XHP Newsletter. This issue includes a mixture of article about XHP LCD VA technology as well as the short introduction of XHP company.

              XHP Electronics ,a well established LCM manufacturer in China. Hope I reach the right person at the right time to talk about LCM cooperation and strategies for your company?

              I did a little bit research on your company and I’m sure you would be continuously looking at opportunities to expand your product supplying scope/services and make it as the brand to own your company reputation.

              We can fulfill any of your business needs and maximize your business profits compared with lots of LCM manufacturers as we are newly launching XHP LCM technology  in international market.

              It is your responsibility to find a sustainable and trustworthy business partner relationship and ensure a promising company future. 

              XHP Electronics now proudly introduces you the LCD VA technology (Vertical Alignment)

              With this technology the TN panel embeded many technical advantages rather the ordinary TN don't have(see the picture):

              VA technology's products              common TN

              1,contrast:   600:1                   30:1
              2,response speed: 30ms               150-250ms
              3,viewing angle: it could  reach around 130 degrees    90 degrees

              Cause TN cost is cheaper than STN, from the example above we dare say that XHP help you save money but get most. Hope to have your excited feedback TODAY.
              Company Name: XHP Electronics Co.,Ltd.
              Add: No.5 Building of Zhonghangji, No.1-1 Huli Mainroad,Xiamen,Fujian,China
              Contact Person: Dale Wang
              Tel: +86-592-6038910 ext.822
              Fax: +86-592-5744296
              Website: www.evigon.com / www.lcdmodule.net
              B2B website: http://vip475.timesfirst.com/
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